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January 19, 2013 / swati

! (It’s a rat’s race)

I was sitting at an Indian restaurant having malai kofte (cheese balls in a tomato curry). It was kind of late, and there was just one other person, right next to my table. He seemed like he was around 20s I would say. We started talking about food, Indian places in Boston, about India. He was studying he said, had always wanted to go to India, see the world. I would also like to see the world, who wouldn’t, but I hadn’t even had the time to see things around Boston. I told him how I just started driving in US, how I went to Walden pond and loved it, how wonderful driving really is and how I wish I had a car. You wouldn’t believe it, he said, but I’m not just a student. Twelve years back (oh! I thought) when I thought about what I wanted to do, I had just one answer. Drive around. So, he drove around the US for twelve years, driving a number of trucks, trucks that take cars around, squashed cars for dumping them. Probably it wouldn’t matter if he dropped a few here and there! And, then he loved his job so much that he was now studying transportation logistics and supply chain. Something very similar to what I do, but look at that! Twelve years, but who cares! He shared a picture of his kids, near a car he sold. He loved spending time with his kids, wanted to give them every thing in his power, be there for them. As he continued talking, I started thinking about my own life, how I was told every minute was precious, if I don’t work someone else will. How every minute of my life was a race. A rat’s race. How maybe I needed to pause and just feel life coming to me. 


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